Case Management

Our highly trained case managers utilize strong ties to their communities and extensive knowledge of local resources to provide quality care and guidance.

Services for Adults

Our case managers provide guidance to adults struggling with a mental health diagnosis by helping them access the resources and supports needed to enhance well-being.

Support Opportunities Include:

  • Housing, food, and clothing
  • Medical care and counseling
  • Educational support, employment, and skills training
  • Community support and resources
  • Support groups
  • Financial and legal assistance

How to Qualify for Services:

  • You must have full MaineCare eligibility.*
  • You must meet specific diagnostic criteria, be a class member, or have a diagnosis that contributes to the risk for homelessness, psychiatric hospitalization, residential treatment, or criminal justice involvement.

* A limited amount of grant funds are available for adults without MaineCare and for veterans/active military members.

Services for Children

Health Affiliates Maine’s case management services are designed to help Maine’s children build resilience and improve quality of life. We will help you find the right support opportunities for your child. Our case managers are highly trained to remove barriers standing between children and their ability to thrive. We utilize strong community ties and extensive knowledge of local resources to provide guidance to parents and families.

Is this Service Right for my Child?

Health Affiliates Maine Case Management Services are available to:

  • Children eligible for MaineCare
  • Children who experience challenges in school, community, or home due to:
    • A mental or behavioral health diagnosis
    • A developmental of intellectual diagnosis
    • A chronic, severe medical condition

Our Referral Care Team will help you determine if your child qualifies.