Training Seminars

Health Affiliates Maine is a trusted source of expertise on the most relevant topics affecting mental health professionals. We provide affordable, engaging training seminars that fulfill requirements for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). All Training Seminars are free or discounted for HAM Affiliates.

“I have been a psychotherapist for over 30 years and I am thoroughly impressed with the workshops that HAM coordinates. I have now been to three Health Affiliates Maine Seminars, though I am not an Affiliate member. The presenters are lively, articulate, current and at the cutting edge. The organizers are friendly, dedicated and hard working. The people who make up HAM seem to understand how few Mental Health resources are available for those of us doing the work. Making truly current information in the form of CEUs and networking, not only, available in Maine, but also, affordable is a wonderful gift and with lunch to boot! Thank you all for your hard work!”

– Leslie

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