Behavioral Health HomeIntegrating physical and behavioral health

What is a Behavioral Health Home?

This is not a home to live in! It is a community-based service for adults and children. “Home” means having one place to coordinate your medical and mental healthcare to reach your optimal wellness.

How Is This Program Different Than Other Services You Have Received?

You will have the ability to talk with someone on the team “live” during business hours of 8-5pm.

You will have access to a team that includes:

  • Wellness Coordinator – provides coordination of services while supporting you with your goals related to wellness, mental health, medical, and can connect you to resources such as transportation, housing, employment, recreational/social activity, financial, and legal assistance.
  • Peer/Family Support Specialist – have the option of developing a mutual relationship with another peer where you can have conversations about life experience, recovery, and self-discovery to move you towards what you want.
  • Nurse Care Manager – can communicate with your doctor and other medical providers, monitor health outcomes, and provide information and support on managing illness and preventing hospitalization.
  • Supervisory Team – your care is monitored by a clinical supervisor, PCP consultant, and a psychiatric consultant to ensure the highest quality of care.

You will have the option to participate in groups which may include but not limited to:

  • Specific medical conditions
  • Skill development on managing your own care
  • Peer-Advocacy and Support
  • Education on various wellness and mental health topics

Do I Qualify?

If you have a mental illness and interest in improving your overall wellness, then this program is for you. Must have full Mainecare Coverage to be eligible.

Are Services Statewide?

Services are currently available in Androscoggin County and we are accepting referrals for Adults in Oxford County and Southern Franklin County. Please call us to find out if we will be covering your area soon!

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