Many people struggle with, or are impacted by, mental health or substance abuse issues at one time or another.  It is a sign of strength to seek professional assistance to help deal with the challenges that life can bring us.

Therapy ServicesPursue your own path to mental wellness.

We offer outpatient counseling services throughout Maine in private, confidential offices. Our providers are licensed, highly skilled professionals (LCSW, LCPC, LMFT, LADC) that work with youth, adults or families, and can help with:

  • Family & Marriage Issues
  • Parenting Challenges
  • Anger, Grief & Loss
  • Addiction & DEEP Counseling
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Interpreter Services  
  • Support Groups
  • & so much more…

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Case Management ServicesConnecting You to Services, Programs and Assistance in Your Area

Case Managers help connect you to useful services, programs and assistance in your area*.  They can help you find:

  • Housing, Food & Clothing
  • Medical Care & Counseling
  • Educational Support, Employment & Skills Training
  • Community Support & Resources
  • Support Groups
  • Financial & Legal Assistance

* MaineCare eligibility required

Why Choose Case Management Services?

Health Affiliates Maine Case Managers provide the highest quality care because:

  • They have strong local ties in their communities and know the culture, making them more effective care providers
  • They meet with you where you are most comfortable…in your community
  • They work together with your other care providers

Do I qualify for services?

Based on the severity of the symptoms, anyone who experiences mental illness and has full MaineCare eligibility, qualifies.

What can Case Managers do?

Everyone needs a little help and guidance sometimes.  Our Case Managers not only help steer you in the right direction…they are highly trained and are able to:

  • Help coordinate and review mental health services
  • Assist in locating resources for your basic needs like:
    food, housing, employment,  educational support, medical care, healthy activities, financial and legal assistance
  • Work with you and your strengths to set goals and make a plan to reach them
  • Help to make your needs heard by all of your care providers

…and so much more

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Psychiatric Assessment & Treatment ServicesDetermining Your Mental Health Needs

Our Psychiatric providers work closely with your Primary Care doctor and other service providers to create the best possible results.  You can expect:

  • A diagnosis & related education
  • Prescribed psychotropic medications, as appropriate
  • Supportive therapy
  • Continued monitoring & support

Quick Access to Care

Our Psychiatric Providers can help those suffering from things like:  mood disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD, major mental illness, and other behavioral and emotional struggles.

It is our goal to work closely with your Primary Care Physicians, Therapists, Case Managers, and other service providers to coordinate your care for the best possible results.

Who do we serve?

We provide services to anyone seeking psychiatric care and medication management for themselves or their child.

How often are patients seen?

Initially you may been seen weekly or monthly at the start of treatment, and then less frequently as your symptoms stabilize. You will be seen at least every 10 weeks in order to adequately monitor any medications.

Do the psychiatric providers prescribe benzodiazepines?

Our psychiatric providers use the guidelines from the Maine Benzodiazepine Study Group around the use of these highly addictive medications.  Clients currently on benzodiazepines (such as Xanax or Klonopin) can expect that the Psychiatric Provider may not be willing to refill this medication long-term, and will recommend tapering off this medication.  In addition, clients should not expect to be offered this medication as treatment beyond 4-6 weeks.  Finally, due to the risk of severe drug interactions, clients currently on opiates or medical marijuana will not be provided prescriptions for benzodiazepines.

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Services For The Armed Forces“If We Send Them, We Must Then Mend Them” – Tears of a Warrior

Our highly trained clinicians understand military families, and their unique challenges. 

It is an integral part of HAM’s mission to work with active & retired service members, veterans, Reservists, Guard members and their families to provide evidence based services.

For Service Members training is a way of life.  For our clinicians, training is essential to success. 

HAM has provided training for our clinicians about Maine’s history of military service, understanding military culture, and has provided opportunities to hear from members of the Maine National Guard (both Army and Air).  HAM clinicians have explored through training, best practices that lead to successful outcomes for military service members and their families. 

“Having served for many years, I understand that there is an enormous burden put on our service members and their families.  Many times this leaves people with emotional scars you cannot see.  Having the resources, which HAM provides our veterans, can help people heal and enrich  their lives.” – Jeffrey Lagueux, Sergeant First Class, US Army (ret.)

Because you have done your part to serve with willingness, honor and integrity, we will do our part to assist you along the way.  Whether it is readiness for battle or readiness for the “new normal” we can be a part of that plan.

We offer skilled professionals who respect and value a soldier’s strength and resilience.

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Substance Abuse ServicesSubstance abuse struggles can impact anyone…

We have licensed clinicians throughout the state with the training and expertise to help both the individual and the family affected by substance addiction.

Abuse of prescription pain-killers and other opiates is epidemic, and alcohol and other drugs are rampant. Addiction is a devastating disease that impacts all areas of an individual’s life, causing problems with family, friendships, work, school, finances, legal issues, physical and psychological health.

Addiction is referred to as a family disease because it causes turmoil and damage not only in the individual who abuses substances, but in loved ones as well. These loved ones often experience unhealthy stress, anxiety, depression, and a diminished ability to do their best work or enjoy activities. They can even start to experience physical problems.

1 in 5 adults and 1 in 4 youth under 18 have a diagnosable substance abuse problem.

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DEEP AssessmentDriver Education Evaluation Program

Health Affiliates Maine is unable to provide DEEP Assessments at this time.

Behavioral Health HomeIntegrating physical and behavioral health

What is a Behavioral Health Home?

This is not a home to live in! It is a community-based service for adults and children. “Home” means having one place to coordinate your medical and mental healthcare to reach your optimal wellness.

How Is This Program Different Than Other Services You Have Received?

You will have the ability to talk with someone on the team “live” during business hours of 8-5pm.

You will have access to a team that includes:

  • Wellness Coordinator – provides coordination of services while supporting you with your goals related to wellness, mental health, medical, and can connect you to resources such as transportation, housing, employment, recreational/social activity, financial, and legal assistance.
  • Peer/Family Support Specialist – have the option of developing a mutual relationship with another peer where you can have conversations about life experience, recovery, and self-discovery to move you towards what you want.
  • Nurse Care Manager – can communicate with your doctor and other medical providers, monitor health outcomes, and provide information and support on managing illness and preventing hospitalization.
  • Supervisory Team – your care is monitored by a clinical supervisor, PCP consultant, and a psychiatric consultant to ensure the highest quality of care.

You will have the option to participate in groups which may include but not limited to:

  • Specific medical conditions
  • Skill development on managing your own care
  • Peer-Advocacy and Support
  • Education on various wellness and mental health topics

Do I Qualify?

If you have a mental illness and interest in improving your overall wellness, then this program is for you. Must have full Mainecare Coverage to be eligible.

Are Services Statewide?

Services are currently available in Androscoggin County and we are accepting referrals for Adults in Oxford County and Southern Franklin County. Please call us to find out if we will be covering your area soon!

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Intensive Outpatient Program in SacoIs someone you know suffering from addiction?

Show them the path to resilience, recovery, and wellness.

Health Affiliates Maine offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for those struggling with substance use issues. IOPs are ideal for those who are transitioning from detox, residential rehabilitation, or who need a more intensive level of support to gain recovery skills and prevent relapse.

Facilitated by licensed HAM counselors Barbara Erkson, LCPC, LADC and Kate Meredith, LCPC, LADC, CCS, the program treats all substance addictions (drugs and alcohol) and follows the SAMHSA model: three hours of group therapy per day, four days a week, for six weeks. Clients attend a combination of individual and group therapies that focus on early recovery skills, relapse prevention, and family education.

The IOP is currently supporting the Saco and Biddeford communities at Saco Falls Counseling Center, with plans to expand the program into Central Maine communities. Referrals and self-referrals are welcome.


  • Six-Week Program: six-week core curriculum with rolling admission includes three hours of group therapy per day, four days per week
  • 1 Year Supportive Treatment: weekly individual and group therapy offered for 12 months following the initial six-week program
  • Evidence-based treatment by licensed substance use disorder counselors
  • Individual and group therapies including early recovery skills, relapse prevention, and family education classes
  • Medication-assisted treatment if needed
  • Small, supportive group setting


Saco Falls Counseling Center
110 Main Street
Saco, Maine 04072

To make a referral call 877-888-4304 or email