Substance Abuse ServicesSubstance abuse struggles can impact anyone…

We have licensed clinicians throughout the state with the training and expertise to help both the individual and the family affected by substance addiction.

Abuse of prescription pain-killers and other opiates is epidemic, and alcohol and other drugs are rampant. Addiction is a devastating disease that impacts all areas of an individual’s life, causing problems with family, friendships, work, school, finances, legal issues, physical and psychological health.

Addiction is referred to as a family disease because it causes turmoil and damage not only in the individual who abuses substances, but in loved ones as well. These loved ones often experience unhealthy stress, anxiety, depression, and a diminished ability to do their best work or enjoy activities. They can even start to experience physical problems.

1 in 5 adults and 1 in 4 youth under 18 have a diagnosable substance abuse problem.

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