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  • Decrease disruptions
  • Recognize warnings signs
  • Intervene effectively
  • Reduce risk
  • Work with families for student success
  • Raise awareness

Free One-Hour Trainings

(1 free 30-60 minute session annually)

Suicide Awareness (LD-609)
In this overview, staff will learn some signs & symptoms of suicidal thoughts and how to intervene. This program follows the Maine Suicide Prevention Program (MSPP) curriculum.

Overview of Mental Health Services
Provides a brief overview of the continuum of services available to children & adolescents. Describes roles of various mental health providers.

Overview of Mental Health Conditions
Provides a brief overview of most common mental health diagnoses.

Managing Anxiety
Tips & tools for teachers to use to help children or adolescents who feel anxious.

Recognizing Depression
Tips & tools for educators to use in recognizing common signs of depression in children & adolescents and in helping youth get further assistance.

Learn the criteria for ADHD and recognize potential symptoms.

De-Escalation 101
Reduce disruptions in the classroom by helping students who are becoming out-of-sorts return to a calmer state. Recognize early warning signs of deregulation and learn early interventions techniques.

Violence in Schools (Middle School & High School)
In this discussion, school personnel will have the opportunity to discuss violence currently happening in their schools, causes, preventative measures, and interventions to help lessen the risk.

Bullying: The Victim & The Perpetrator
Examines the phenomenon of bullying from both the victim’s & the perpetrator’s perspectives. Explores the influence of bullying on school performance & attendance.

Children & Social Media
Examines the influence of Social Media in the lives of children & adolescents and how this influence affects school performance.

Responding to Tragedy
Discusses planning for tragedy, counseling children and adolescents through both the immediate and the long-term effects of the tragedy on their lives, and caring for ourselves and our colleagues.

Working with Families for Student Success
Educators provide much of the structure and nurturing needed for student success in school – but they can’t do it alone.  Collaborative relationships with students’ families are the key to success.  In this session we will discuss why collaboration is so important, how to invite families to work with you, how to knock down barriers, and what to do when families are reluctant to collaborate.

Customized, Lowcost  Half-Day and Full-Day Trainings

(5 – 8 hours)

Full-day and half day trainings are an opportunity for you to tailor a program to your school’s unique needs. We work with you to develop the topics you want to address & answer questions that are specific to your needs.

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