What is BHH?

An evidence-based care-coordination program designed to reduce the impact of preventable diseases in adults and children with mental health diagnoses through the effective coordination of medical and mental health treatment.

BHH participation can reduce early mortality rates of people with chronic mental and medical health conditions, reduce emergency room visits, and improve quality of life.

Who is BHH?

A team of clinical professionals who work in collaboration with and support of the client.

BHH members include a wellness coordinator, peer/parent support specialist, nurse, consulting psychiatrist, and primary care provider. Their goals are to address gaps between physical and mental health care plans that often prevent better health outcomes.

How does BHH work?

Through education, coaching, decision-support and community resource connection, the BHH team works with clients and caregivers to understand how to self-manage both physical and mental health symptoms.

Services include:

  • Regular consultation with a psychiatrist and primary care consultant to ensure the team is educated and understands the impact of treatment plans and interactions
  • Close monitoring of clients who have had two or more refills of antipsychotic medications; monitoring of their blood sugars
  • Monitoring of E.R. Utilization, medication refills and appointment follow-through, providing earlier intervention as a result
  • Peer support to adults in the program and parents with children in the program
  • Educational and peer support groups that provide clients/parents the opportunity to l earn from each other to foster sense of belonging and community engagement

What are eligibility requirements for BHH?

  • Full eligibility in MaineCare
  • A mental health diagnosis (does NOT have to be diagnosed as chronic)

How do I benefit as a clinician to have a client in BHH?

  • No burden to write a letter. Unlike other case management programs, BHH does not require adults to demonstrate their risk or need for services, and counselors are not required to submit a letter for participation.
  • Increase in positive treatment outcomes. The BHH team will ensure that the tools you are helping your client develop during your sessions are prompted for them to use in the community and home.
  • Client better able to attend counseling sessions. Clients with chronic illness may have barriers that make it hard to consistently get to appointments. As clients feel better and have more resources, they are more able to participate in your sessions.

Why Choose HAM as the BHH provider for my client?

  • No waitlist. We will assign your client within 25 hours and have someone out to see them within 4-7 days.
  • Committed to model fidelity. This is not case management as usual. We worked with Quality Counts to help us design an effective program, and we continue to adhere to the highest standards.
  • Respect for client. We welcome client feedback and offer the opportunity to participate in an advisory board.
  • Proactive partnerships. We will collaborate with you on an ongoing basis; you can always reach a member of the team any time.
  • Collaboration with other case management programs. If we are not the right fit, and your client would benefit from tradition child or adult case management, we will transfer the client appropriately. Clients discharging from traditional case management may want to continue with BHH to work on self-management.

How do I refer my client to HAM’s BHH program?

  • Talk to your client about the possibility of BHH; provide them with a BHH brochure from Ham and encourage them to self-refer.
  • Call the HAM referral care team at (207) 333-3278
  • Email referral@healthaffiliatesmaine.com

Refer online by clicking here.