Health Affiliates Maine offers a variety of options to help businesses, schools, and Assisted Living facilities provide wellness programs for their staff, faculty and residents.

School Based ServicesGive Your Students & Faculty the Support They Need.

Health Affiliates Maine can place licensed, Master’s-level clinicians in your school who provide on site therapy to students and families.

How it works:

All services are FREE to schools.  Services are billed through insurance. Schools simply need to provide a private location for therapists to meet.

With consent, clinicians will consult with teachers and administrators to develop strategies that provide support and increase students’ success in school.

Additional benefits include:

  • Assistance in times of tragedy, disaster or emergency
  • FREE quarterly one-hour staff training’s on current issues facing faculty
  • Connections to case management services to help with additional resources for students
We can help you increase your students success and ability to learn

Contact our School Based Services Coordinator

Cindy Mailhot, LCSW
(877) 888-4304

Speakers BureauBringing Audiences Quality Speakers and Experts.

Looking for an interesting speaker to give a presentation to your group? 

Mental wellness impacts all aspects of life – at work and at home. Our qualified professionals are happy to speak with your group on a variety of topics like depression, anxiety, handling crisis, suicide prevention, PTSD, Dementia, substance abuse/addiction and so much more.

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