Continuing Education Submissions

Continuing Education Submissions


All HAM Affiliates are REQUIRED to participate in at least twenty (20) hours of continuing education hours for HAM every year, per mental health licensing regulations.  To assist you in fulfilling this requirement, HAM offers at least twenty hours of free continuing education every year through live trainings. Peer, group, and administrative supervision, while possibly allowed for your license, are not allowed as part of the 20 hours for HAM licensing regulations.

What counts?

  • Live, interactive trainings (attended in-the-moment; able to have interaction with the presenter)
  • Non-interactive trainings (attended after the fact; pre-recorded; no interaction with the presenter)
  • Graduate-level courses (1 academic credit = 15 hours)
  • Self-study (books, videos, etc)
  • Teaching
  • Writing articles/books for publication

All trainings must relate to the theory and practice of your profession.

If you can’t submit it for your license renewal requirements, you can’t submit it to us. This would include things like:

  • Repetition of Certain Activities (cannot claim credit for repeating the same training)
  • Service with Professional Associations or Regulatory Boards
  • Computer Training, Practice Management, Office Management
  • Personal Growth or Alternative Therapy Activities

Important information – Substance Use Services Requirement


If you bill for any co-occurring or substance use services, MaineCare requires that mental health professionals (LCPC, LCPC-C, LMFT, LMFT-C, LCSW) demonstrate applicable licensure (LADC, CADC) or ongoing education to provide substance use and co-occurring treatment. If you do not hold a dual license, the requirement indicates that providers must maintain 60 hours of substance use related CEUs within the last 5 years (at least 12 CEUs per year on a rolling basis). This regulation applies to substance use and/or co-occurring billing for clients with MaineCare coverage (primary or secondary).

You might be surprised at how many trainings are eligible for substance use credit—most of HAM’s trainings are, and as well as any courses that have been preapproved by the Maine Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors and any trainings from the following:

  • AdCare Educational Institute, Inc.
  • The board, a licensing board for another jurisdiction, or a certification board for another jurisdiction that is a member of ICRC/AODA
  • Department of Behavioral and Developmental Services, Office of Substance Abuse
  • Maine Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors
  • National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors
  • New England Institute of Addiction Studies
  • Rutgers University School of Alcohol and Drug Studies

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All certificates are due by 12/31 of each year and must be dated within the year you would like credit. 

Please do not submit certificates from Health Affiliates Maine provided trainings – we have already saved this on file for you. 

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