Veterans Case Management

Have you ever served in the U.S Armed Forces or military?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities and stressors of life?

You may benefit from Veterans Case Management.

At Health Affiliates Maine, we can help reduce the weight on your shoulders by listening and providing support where you need it. We assist veterans in navigating resources and support services that can make the challenges and stressors of life significantly easier to manage. 60% of people who served in the military do not know all the benefits they currently qualify for since recent system changes.

Areas of support include:

  • Housing stability or access
  • Heat, food, and clothing
  • Community access, finding social opportunities
  • Employment or education
  • Healthcare or behavioral health
  • Financial or legal challenges
  • Childcare/family support needs
  • Military or veteran-specific resources, activities, and support services

No cost, no obligation, and no hoops to jump through

This grant-funded service is provided at no cost. At HAM, there are no wrong doors when it comes to supporting veterans. Regardless of eligibility for a specific program, all veterans will be guided to appropriate support services. It all starts with a simple, no stress phone call. 

  • After you have set up the initial call, our Program Coordinator will reach out to you via phone within seven business days.
  • Our Program Coordinator will get to know you and help identify what support system might best fit your needs. That first call is a no-commitment conversation about support options and anything you might want to talk about.
  • Only if you are interested in enrolling, you will be assigned a case manager.
  • If you are experiencing significant mental health stressors or concerns, you may also continue to work with our Program Coordinator for additional support.
  • Once your needs, strengths, resources, and barriers have been identified, a plan of care will be developed collaboratively. You can work with the case manager to determine what frequency and duration of meetings works best for you.
  • Meetings may occur via phone, telehealth, in person, or a combination.

If you do not have health insurance coverage, Veterans Case Management services will be provided through a grant from the Office of Behavioral Health and/or support from the Veterans Administration Staff Sergeant Parker Gordan Fox grant.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this service, do not hesitate to call our Referral Coordinator at (877) 888-4304. If you would like someone to call you regarding veterans case management services, enter your phone number in the form below.

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