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BHH Services for Adults

Integrated, Collaborative, Community-based Care for the Whole Person

Our Behavioral Health Home program is an innovative, community-based service that coordinates your medical and mental healthcare with your other wellness needs. This integrated approach empowers individuals to increase independence and self-management while providing resource support, community connections, and assistance with goal setting.

Through the Behavioral Health Home program you will have access to a team of health professionals, available to speak with you “live” from 8am-5pm, including:

Wellness Coordinator

Your wellness coordinator manages the coordination of all your medical and mental health services and helps you identify the right resources to support your goals for treatment. Educational group sessions are also available to further support you and your goals.

Peer/Family Support Specialist

You may choose to develop a relationship with a Peer Support Specialist–someone who has been through similar life experiences–in order to confidentially talk to and connect with a person who understands what you are going through. Additional opportunities to participate in Peer Support Groups are available.

Nurse Care Manager

Your Nurse Care Manager coordinates communication with your primary (PCP) and specialty medical care providers, monitors health outcomes, and provides information and support on managing illness and preventing hospitalization.

Supervisory Team

Your Supervisory Team ensures the highest quality care through ongoing case review by:

  • Clinical Supervisor
  • PCP Consultant
  • Psychiatric Consultant

You will also have the option to participate in a variety of groups related to specific medical conditions, skill development and personal care management, peer-advocacy and support, and other wellness and mental health topics.

Behavioral Health Home services are currently available in Androscoggin County, and we are accepting referrals for adults in Oxford and Southern Franklin County. Please call us to find out if we will be covering your area soon!

Do You Qualify for BHH?

Adults who have a qualifying mental health diagnosis and full MaineCare eligibility are eligible for our Behavioral Health Home program. If needed, we can assist in setting up assessments to determine eligibility.

BHH Services for Children

Join a supportive team dedicated to helping your child access the resources needed to thrive.

The BHH program for children is a community based, integrated approach to providing care that addresses mental health, medical, and other resource needs. This collaborative approach increases your ability to get your child’s needs met while focusing on wellness education and self-management tools for independent, ongoing success.

BHH Might be Right for your Child if…

  • You feel like your child spends too much time in the emergency room because it is the only way to get his or her needs met.
  • You feel like providers don’t talk to each other and this continues to delay or create inconsistencies in your child’s care.
  • You want to keep your child’s current therapist and/or doctor while accessing additional support.
  • You are a parent who could benefit from talking to another parent who has been where you are.
  • You are ready to transition your child out of traditional case management.
  • You are a youth who feels your voice is lost among providers.

Does your Child Qualify for BHH?

Children ages 0-21 with a mental health, Autism, or other development diagnosis and full MaineCare eligibility will qualify.