Case Management ServicesConnecting You to Services, Programs and Assistance in Your Area

Case Managers help connect you to useful services, programs and assistance in your area*.  They can help you find:

  • Housing, Food & Clothing
  • Medical Care & Counseling
  • Educational Support, Employment & Skills Training
  • Community Support & Resources
  • Support Groups
  • Financial & Legal Assistance

* MaineCare eligibility required

Why Choose Case Management Services?

Health Affiliates Maine Case Managers provide the highest quality care because:

  • They have strong local ties in their communities and know the culture, making them more effective care providers
  • They meet with you where you are most comfortable…in your community
  • They work together with your other care providers

Do I qualify for services?

Based on the severity of the symptoms, anyone who experiences mental illness and has full MaineCare eligibility, qualifies.

What can Case Managers do?

Everyone needs a little help and guidance sometimes.  Our Case Managers not only help steer you in the right direction…they are highly trained and are able to:

  • Help coordinate and review mental health services
  • Assist in locating resources for your basic needs like:
    food, housing, employment,  educational support, medical care, healthy activities, financial and legal assistance
  • Work with you and your strengths to set goals and make a plan to reach them
  • Help to make your needs heard by all of your care providers

…and so much more

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