DEEP AssessmentDriver Education Evaluation Program

Health Affiliates Maine has approved Drivers Education and Evaluation Program (DEEP) counselors.

Have you been stopped for an OUI?  

In addition to meeting other requirements, individuals who have been charged with Operating Under the Influence (OUI) may be required to go through 2 – 4 sessions of a substance abuse assessment, and sometimes treatment, by an alcohol and drug counselor who has been approved by the DEEP office.

We have DEEP approved counselors, throughout the state, that can help you get back on your feet.

How to get started?

  • To get started, call 207-626-8600 to reach the DEEP Office. They will help you connect with a qualified DEEP counselor.
  • You will need to complete the Release of Information (ROI) that DEEP mailed you & return it to them. This form will include the DEEP approved counselor you wish to see.
  • DEEP will then notify Health Affiliates Maine of your request to see a counselor and someone will contact you to schedule your first appointment.

What will the Evaluation consist of?

  • An evaluation must be at least 2 session but no more than 4 sessions.
  • On one of the visits, you will need to bring in someone that will be interviewed about your using patterns.
  • Fees for evaluations vary per clinician and cannot be billed to insurance; they must be paid out of pocket.
  • Fees for treatment vary per clinician, and may be billed to your insurance.