Staff DirectoryMeet our dynamic team!

Andrea Landry Conley, LCSW Executive Director

207-333-3278 Ext. 204

A therapist, director, leader, and woman with tremendous drive, Andrea Conley not only works every day to reduce the stigma our society has surrounding mental health and substance use issues, but she also endeavors to support fellow therapists who should be allowed to focus on their critically important work: helping Mainers build resilience, improve quality of life, and reach their potential.

Andrea knew a mental health and substance use agency should and could function differently—supporting the important work of the clinician in order to ultimately help the client. Tired of other agencies’ mandated billing quotas and overwhelming bureaucracy that only served to drag therapists down, she founded Health Affiliates Maine (HAM)—a flexible, nimble, and compassionate alternative whose mission is to truly support clinicians so they can support their clients.

A graduate of the University of Maryland in Baltimore with a master’s in social work, Andrea has worked with children, adolescents, families, and couples in outpatient clinics, public schools, and in private practice. She has been in senior management of community mental health organizations since 2006.

Andrea believes that mental health and substance use issues impact all people’s lives either personally or through the people they know and love. With outpatient counseling, case management, and psychiatric treatment, Health Affiliates Maine guides people toward recovery at their own pace, with ongoing compassion, respect, and support. Through this mission, Andrea and the Health Affiliates Maine team work to reduce the stigma associated with accessing treatment so as to encourage all people to fully participate in their own “Journey to Wellness.”

Nina Bartlett Director of Operations

207-333-3278 Ext. 253

An experienced operations manager, Nina has managed various office environments throughout her career—with both local and national companies. In her role as Director of Operations at HAM, Nina oversees all operations, which include billing, quality assurance, medical records, information technology, accounting, credentialing and referrals. She also manages the facilities for all of our satellite offices located throughout the state.

A graduate of Lewiston High School and student at UMA, Nina continues her professional development through life experience and educational units—both of which have fueled her talents for organizational development, leadership, and strategic planning.

Melissa Bowker-Kinley, MD, PhD Medical Director

207-333-3278 Ext. 204

As Health Affiliates Maine’s medical director, Dr. Bowker-Kinley oversees our Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment services and provides psychiatric care to patients in the Lewiston, Auburn, and Portland areas.

A graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Bowker-Kinley completed her psychiatry residency at New York State Psychiatric Institute while simultaneously pursuing a public psychiatry fellowship at Columbia University. Dr. Bowker-Kinley transitioned to Maine for a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at Maine Medical Center. Her deep professional experience includes inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry, assessment and diagnosis of children, adolescents, and adults, pharmacological treatment of youth and adults, and psychotherapy with children, adolescents, and young adults.

In addition to her clinical experience, Dr. Bowker-Kinley served as a faculty member in the Maine Medical Center Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, providing clinical supervision to general psychiatry residents and child psychiatry fellows and lecturing on topics such as adolescent development, treatment of eating disorders, treatment of psychosis, and management of non-suicidal self-injury.

Kate Marble, LCSW Case Management Program Director

207-333-3278 Ext. 221

As Case Management Program Director, Kate oversees utilization review and our case management program. In her role and as a social worker herself, Kate emphasizes self-care for case managers so they can provide the highest quality care for the clients they serve.

A graduate of the University of New England with a master’s in social work, Kate began her career at Healthy Community Coalition. There she was recognized for her work on programs such as Tobacco-Free Franklin Families, an initiative to increase providers’ capability to help pregnant and parenting women quit tobacco. She was also instrumentally involved in the Domestic Violence Response Project, an initiative to improve the community response to domestic violence.

Inspired by this work, Kate pursued social work, working in community mental health as an outpatient therapist and program coordinator for a licensed mental health agency. Kate holds a bachelor’s degree in health education from the University of Presque Isle and a master’s degree in social work from the University of New England.

Kristy Gelinas, LCSW, LADC, CCSOutpatient Therapy Program Director

207-333-3278 Ext. 250

As the Outpatient Therapy Program Director, Kristy oversees affiliate supervisory support for the outpatient therapy program and is dedicated to assisting affiliates as they develop their private practices. She commits her efforts to streamlining tasks outside of clinical work so that the affiliate focus can remain devoted to client care and less on the administrative aspects involved with direct service.

A graduate of the University of Maine at Orono with a master’s in social work, Kristy started her career within the St. Mary’s Health System as a clinician in a residential program for adolescents that experience emotional and behavioral challenges. She also engaged in various direct service roles within Community Clinical Services, including integrated clinical work within a primary care setting, school-based health counseling services for adolescents and their families, and outpatient counseling. Prior to her arrival at Health Affiliates Maine, she served as Practice Manager of Outpatient Counseling and School Based Health – Behavioral Services.

Kristy appreciates the person-centered perspective and believes in promoting equality between client and clinician. These viewpoints drive both her clinical and administrative approach. For Kristy, it’s the client’s own experiences and beliefs that are the most valid in determining successful solutions. She always creates a positive, interactive experience within a supportive and non-judgmental environment. This style of communication is also transferable to the way she approaches relationships with affiliates.

Randy Runnels Director of Information Technology

207-333-3278 Ext. 313

As Director of Information Technology, Randy oversees Health Affiliates Maine’s IT department and digital strategies. In this role, he is responsible for maintaining our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, ensuring all other systems and data infrastructures are running smoothly, improving process through automation, and optimizing the ways data and technology can better serve the goals of our providers, administrators, and patients.

Above all, Randy is dedicated to data integrity, compliance, and patient privacy, staying up-to-date on both the latest technology and the relevant laws and regulations related to EHR systems and Protected Health Information (PHI), such as HIPAA (the federal law protecting sensitive patient health information).

Randy describes his “superpower” as his ability to simplify complex technological concepts in easy-to-understand language—which comes in handy when he is communicating with our administrative and clinical staff! A genuinely mission-driven professional, Randy continues to find pride and inspiration in being part of an exceptional organization and helping to provide quality mental health and substance use services to the communities we serve.