Trauma: Fear’s Dance with Behavioral Addiction

Presented by Andrea Brewster, LCPC, CCS

Friday, September 17, 2021 or Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Presented live via Zoom

The journey to create the practice of living well, grieving well, and welcoming our best selves back into our lives after trauma is at times so similar to addictions work that therapists can find they are at home using both recovery models interchangeably. This training will explore how to use these recovery models to facilitate healing.

Bringing Addictions Recovery interventions to mental health work can take skill. This training will build on expertise clinicians have in trauma recovery. We will consider how internal addiction can affect trauma recovery. When we think of addictions we often think of substance dependence and misuse, but compulsive behaviors, like food and sex addiction, can also misuse chemicals. We can create compulsive addictions within our internal neuro-chemical system. Trauma adds a motive for building compulsive systems. For instance a compulsive system can be designed to confuse an abuser, recover enough from a traumatic event to survive after chronic trauma, decipher chronic manipulative abuse or soothe from the pain following traumatic events. Trauma recovery can benefit from addictions treatment to intentionally regulate compulsive safety seeking. This course will isolate internal state addictions to better understand why they may develop, and how they affect the efficacy trauma recovery if they are not recognized and untreated.

This training is worth six (6) contact hours.
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September 17th
September 29th

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