Kevin Mannix to Speak at HAM’s Annual Consortium

Health Affiliates Maine is excited and proud to announce Kevin Mannix as their Keynote Speaker at this years’ annual Consortium on June 19th at the Ramada in Lewiston. For nearly 24 years Kevin has been the morning weather forecaster at News Center.   Kevin wrote an autobiography called Weathering Shame, which sheds some light on his little-known mental health struggles, and aims to address the stigma and shame around mental illness.  In a recent open letter Kevin says:

“…shame cuts across all walks of life and everyone deals with it on some level… In the weeks and months ahead, on air and online, you will read and hear my story, and I hope it will lead you to opening up to someone you trust if you have been hesitant. I am not a counselor, I don’t wish to fix anyone or presume anyone needs fixing. I can’t know anything about your level of pain, fear, shame or anxiety; I can only share my experience with my demons and how I chose to deal with them. Just know you are not alone and you may want to start your own journey of recovery. I truly hope you do and find sunny skies ahead.”

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