Madeline Lewis, LADC

For the person who finds their self re-creating harmful patterns, in negative relationships, acting out of anxiety, depression or emotional pain and using alcohol or drugs more then they want. Even if you use alcohol or drugs a couple times a week to cope. You may not identify with having a substance use problem but are interested in harm reduction, patterns of substance misuse, and want change, please reach out and we can explore it together, even if you have been abstinent from substances but are concerned about thinking and behaviors that could lead to new substance use please call. I use a holistic, person-centered approach, along with CBT to provide individualized treatment.
In sessions we will address a variety of issues contributing to your dependence on alcohol and drugs as a way to cope. We will use techniques in each session to help address life events, behavioral and thinking patterns that do not benefit you. This may include breath-work, yoga, and/or meridian tapping to help release certain emotions.

I started my counseling journey in 2004 completing my degree soon after. I went back to college for 2 more years, specializing with people who use drugs or alcohol. Working as a counselor for over 15 years has been my purpose Substance use counseling is my specialty.

Modalities/Therapeutic Tools Used: Gestalt, Strengths Based Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Art, Narrative Therapy, DBT, CBT, MI, Emotional Freedom Trapping technique, breath-work, yoga, mindfulness, essential oils, meditation, subconscious trapped emotions using Emotion Code, reality therapy, identifying false core beliefs, Harm reduction model of treatment, relapse prevention model

Disorders Treated: Anxiety, PTSD, Divorce, Relationship Issues, Substance Use