Contact by Department

Outpatient Therapy

Cindy Mailhot, LCSW Assistant Director of Outpatient Therapy Ext. 233

Lindsay McKeen, LCSW, CCS Outpatient Therapy Program Supervisor Ext. 243

Jay Burrows, LCPC, LADc, CCS Outpatient Therapy Program Supervisor Ext. 275

Heather Moreau, LCPC Outpatient Therapy Supervisor  and  New Practice Development Coordinator

Ext. 234

Quality Assurance

Trena Jackson, LSW Compliance Officer Ext. 239

Benjamin Fortier Medical Records Specialist Ext. 305

Lisa Clark Quality Assurance Auditor – Outpatient Services Ext. 280

Michelle Theriault Quality Assurance Auditor – Outpatient Services Ext. 289

Barbara Ann Adams Quality Assurance Auditor- Outpatient Services Ext. 290

Ricarda Gleason Quality Assurance Auditor- CM / PATS Ext. 241

Kelly Johnson Quality Assurance Auditor – CM/PATS Ext. 229


Office Support

Brandi Walton Office Support Supervisor and Credentialing & Denial Specialist Ext. 265

Amber McQuaide Receptionist Ext. 226

Mikayla Mackey Data Distribution Ext. 251

Utilization Review

Janet Verrill, LSW, MHRT/C UR Department Supervisor Ext. 230

Brittany Kell UR Advisor Ext. 245

Nicky Tanguay UR Administrative Support Ext. 218

Emily Whitmore UR Specialist  Ext. 238

Deborah Spaulding, BS, MHRT II UR Specialist Ext. 249

Lisa Zaleski UR Specialist Ext. 228          

Tina Williamson UR Specialist Ext. 236

Laurie Hudson UR Support Ext. 311

Human Resources

Michelle Nadeau, SHRM-CP Human Resources Manager Ext. 227

Kristen Butcher Human Resources Assistant Ext. 232

Mary Gagnon, LMFT Training and Clinical Development Specialist Ext. 222

Gina Blanchard Payroll/Human Resources Administrator Ext. 273

Case Management

Michelle Pilotte, LCSW Assistant Director of Case Management Services BHH Clinical Team Lead Ext. 231

Maria Tripp, LMSW-CC Case Management Supervisor Ext. 276

Marylena Chaisson, LCPC Case Management Supervisor Ext. 219

Katie Talon, LCSW Case Management Supervisor Ext. 223

Kelly Bruneau, LCPC Case Management Supervisor Ext. 252

Medical Billing

Roxanne Chabot Billing Supervisor and Commercial & Interpreter Billing Representative Ext. 224

Nicole Fields Affiliate Billing Representative and PATS billing Ext. 274

Courtney Martel Case Management Billing Representative & BHH Billing Representative Ext. 308

Michelle St. Pierre Data Entry Specialist Ext. 235

Sheila Daft-Fuentes Medical Billing Representative Ext. 237

Medical Billing Customer Service

Tammy Belanger Systems Analyst/CS Supervisor Ext. 213

Tina Walker Affiliate Billing CS Representative Ext. 212

April Peck Affiliate Billing CS Representative Ext. 211

Accalia Jackson Affiliate Billing CS Representative Ext. 302

Cassi Belanger Affiliate Billing CS Representative Ext. 215

Shelly Bradstreet Affiliate Billing CS Representative Ext. 240

Hunter Williamson Affiliate Billing CS Representative Ext. 302


Alan Holbrook, LSW, MHRT/C Referral Supervisor Ext. 259

Jessica St. Pierre Referral Coordinator Ext. 216

Johanna Dumas Referral Coordinator Ext. 279

Information Technology (IT) IT Helpdesk

Behavioral Home Health (BHH)

Deborah Mason Nurse Care Manager Ext. 309

Carly Mahaffey Peer Support Specialist Ext. 306

Julie Potter Peer Support Specialist Ext. 214

Michelle Baldwin BHH Wellness & Training Coordinator Ext. 267


Lee Darling Accountant Ext. 207

Macie Spear Accounting Assistant Ext. 303

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